CBD 101

How does CBD make you feel?

How does CBD make you feel?

Despite the advancements made regarding cannabis, there can still be confusion to the way it makes us feel, which can be attributed to the various types of cannabis available.

Although there are strains of cannabis that offer a euphoric sensation, this is known as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating variant of cannabis that can help with several ailments, including anxiety, pain and seizures.

Do You Get High With CBD?

One of the main concerns regarding CBD is that it delivers the same sensation as THC, but this is not the case. The effects of CBD are relaxing, but in no way offer a sensation of intoxication.

Cannabis that contains THC is currently illegal, whereas the CBD variant can be sold legally. This is because the two offer vastly different sensations.

How Will I Feel With CBD?

There have been many studies carried out regarding CBD, which has shown it to have different effects depending on the profile of the person.

For example, some may feel relaxed and less stressed, whereas others may feel like they have increased focus. Those using CBD for ailments and pain will often notice symptoms that are less painful or irritating.

Although CBD can yield different results for different people, many believe the benefits are more recognisable when using CBD daily.

What Type of CBD Products Are Available?

One of the reasons why CBD is so popular is due to the many forms it is available in. Options available at Root & Hemp include oral drops and pastes. Those looking for a more immediate effect may want to consider using CBD vape oil or CBD concentrates.

The vaping and dabbing of CBD has proved to be efficient and immediate for most people, so those who are already vaping may find vape oil to be the perfect introduction to the world of CBD.

What strength of CBD should I take?

One of the most common questions asked is what strength of CBD should I take. Although there is no psychoactive effects, CBD still must be potent enough to deliver the affects many are searching for.

Of course, people do not want to be using more CBD than they need, but there must be a balance for you to experience the benefits of CBD.

Unfortunately, when searching the high street, the options are scarce, so finding the right brand is vital.

Root and Hemp recommend products with a minimum strength of 5%, equating to 500 mg of CBD. However, there can be instances where people are using CBD for a specific issue, in which case a strength 2000 mg is recommended.

Despite the many benefits that using CBD can provide, it is important to use the right provider when purchasing CBD. Not wanting to pay too much is understandable but focusing on the price alone could mean that you are left with a product that has little effect.

Root and Hemp not only provide high-quality CBD products, but offers a variety of options at affordable prices. Using CBD can be essential for some people, and Root and Hemp can offer several iterations all designed for different purposes, including energising, focusing and relaxing.

Regardless of whether you are searching for more efficient CBD products, or trying it out for the first time, Root and Help is the perfect platform in both instances.