CBD 101

How to take CBD oil

How to take CBD oil

Although there are different iterations of CBD available, most people will be familiar with CBD oil. More and more people are enjoying the benefits of CBD oil, but some may be looking for guidance on achieving the best results.

A Basic Overview

CBD oil consumed orally is one of the most effective ways of absorbing the cannabidiol and terpenes into the body.

Does are taken approximately three times a day, and the level of CBD oil take is controlled by a pipette included with the oil.

What Options Are Available?

There is a lot of information online regarding CBD oil, and it can be easy to assume that all CBD oil is the same. However, there are different CBD oils available depending on the effects you want to achieve.

Although there can be instances when CBD oil is similar, Root & Hemp offers three variants, each with the own benefits as set out below.


Getting started in the morning can be challenging, so why not enjoy some herbal assistance in the guise of Energise.

The oil delivers an uplifting effect that improves your mood and helps maintain an upbeat vibe throughout the day.


Focus CBD oil includes pinine terpenes which helps boost brain power and keeps you stimulated. Ensure productivity is the best it can be with this tailored CBD oil.


Those wanting calming relaxation will find that Relax CBD oil is the perfect choice.

The oil contains a soothing and restful lavender and aromatic spice that is the perfect tonic for winding down.

The soothing flavour is partnered with a blend of terpenes designed to deliver a calming effect that ensures a restful night’s sleep is never an issue.

Getting the Best from CBD Oil

CBD oil is like any other herbal product, in that it must be ingested regularly for people to feel the benefits.

Those having difficulties in keeping a routine can carry it out with other regular routines, including brushing your teeth.

It is also important to ensure that you are using the appropriate CBD oil.

Despite the many variants available, not all of them will be created to deliver the affects you are looking for, so using a reliable ad reputable provider like Root & Hemp is advised in every instance.