The founding duo of Root & Hemp both began exploring the benefits of CBD at different stages in their lives, for either themselves or their loved ones.

Together they extensively researched the mine field of exaggerated advertising and gimmicks on the web, struggling to find high quality products that they felt had the benefits they required, usually only finding well marketed but very poor quality CBD products. This personal experience drove them to want to make premium products directly available to everyone.



Our mission is simple – Wellness for Everyone.

Setting out to be the industry leader by bringing high-quality, hand-crafted hemp based CBD products to the wellness community. We’re passionate about educating people on the benefits of CBD, Hemp Extract, and to provide the highest quality, most trusted products in the industry. Our products are developed and created using the most innovative, patented process, with a high level of community care and involvement. This will ensure the best products for our Community to help them live more balanced, healthier, and positive lives.


We will offer to the market, the purest CBD products with the highest concentration of CBD we can, with total transparency.

This means giving people the information they need so they can make informed choices. And we do this in a very simple and straight-forward way, on our personal packaging, our information material and our news. We don’t make it difficult for you work out how much CBD is in our products like others do. We tell you exactly what % of highest grade CBD you have with every product.