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What are Terpenes?

What are terpenes?

Many people will be aware of CBD oil benefits. However, not everyone knows about the science behind the different experiences it offers.

Not many people consider paying attention to terpenes when researching CBD. The experience a person has when using CBD can differ depending on the terpenes.

A plant releases terpene to protect itself from bacteria. Many of us will have experienced the release of these compounds in some form of aroma including freshly cut grass, or the peel from citrus fruit.

Terpenes are often associated with cannabis, as the plant contains a high concentration of terpene combinations.

These different combinations yield several benefits regarding human consumption, including the aiding of health issues and stimulating taste.

The following is an overview of the common terpenes, and some of the benefits each offers.

Pinene: Pine, Rosemary and Orange Peel

Pinene creates a sense of alertness and an injection of energy. Its aroma is comparable to a stroll in the forest.

Myrcene: Cloves, Lemongrass and Mango

Myrcene is a terpene that you will have consumed in some form or another, as it is present in several fruits and spices.

Those wanting to recentre their core and improve their general health will employ the use myrcene.

Linalool: Lavender

As linalool is only found in lavender, its aroma will be familiar to many. The aroma is effective among those wanting to wind down and balance their emotions.

Limonene: Peppermint, Juniper and Lemon

Limonene is a bold aroma that offers revitalising qualities and improving focus. The uplifting aroma is due to its zesty inspiration.

Caryophyllene: Black Pepper, Hops and Basil

Those that enjoy Italian food will already be familiar with caryophyllene, as it is a terpene that gives basil and black pepper their delicious aroma. Soothing effects are another benefit of caryophyllene.

Comparable and Notable Experience

Terpenes are comparable to wine, in that different terpenes can emulate different notes. The difference between the two is the terpenes in CBD oil will affect the physical experience.

This also shows how there are different elements of the plant working together to deliver the best experience, so becoming more familiar with terpenes ensures you are using the correct CBD oil.

Now you have a better understanding of terpenes, you will understand how influential they are to the overall CBD experience.

Although terpenes are found in high quantities in plants, they are also in abundance in Root & Hemp products.

The wide selection of CBD oil available ensures the perfect fit is available, ensuring you can enjoy the benefits of terpenes sooner rather than later.